Links – 2017.10.30

Political Risk on the agenda today: Paul Manafort being charged with stuff, Bundesbank is annoyed about QE, and Catalonian independence marches on.

  • Former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, told to turn himself in.  This is a bit of style drift, but it’s important.  CNN
  • The most interesting thing about BOJ meetings is how many different ways they can talk about not doing anything.  ForexLive
  • I can’t believe they don’t throw a press conference at the end of every Fed meeting … although I also run a website about the FOMC.  MarketWatch
  • Cracks in Europe.  Catalan officials only face 30 years in jail for Rebellion … not bad.  BBC
  • Cracks in Europe.  Germany says they hate open-ended quantitative easing.  Seattle Times

Links – 2017.10.26

Am I extra attuned to it recently, or is there a TON of talk about inflation these days?  The BOJ doesn’t care about low inflation, the Philly Fed says some inflation goes away because stuff is free online, and Yellen is talking specifically about changing inflation expectations.  Weird.

  • Don’t bet on Trump’s Fed pick to really move the bond needle. FT
  • “No need to take excessive steps to meet price target.”  Reuters
  • The ECB decision is exactly what they said it would be.  CNBC
  • Measuring the “Free” Digital Economy.  Philadelphia Fed
  • Did Yellen dent the Fed’s credibility on inflation?  Bloomberg