Links – 2017.10.30

Political Risk on the agenda today: Paul Manafort being charged with stuff, Bundesbank is annoyed about QE, and Catalonian independence marches on.

  • Former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, told to turn himself in.  This is a bit of style drift, but it’s important.  CNN
  • The most interesting thing about BOJ meetings is how many different ways they can talk about not doing anything.  ForexLive
  • I can’t believe they don’t throw a press conference at the end of every Fed meeting … although I also run a website about the FOMC.  MarketWatch
  • Cracks in Europe.  Catalan officials only face 30 years in jail for Rebellion … not bad.  BBC
  • Cracks in Europe.  Germany says they hate open-ended quantitative easing.  Seattle Times

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