Sources say we have no idea who the next Fed Chair will be

This is so weird … why is the race for Fed Chair so much like reality television?  Is Trump making this happen for some reason?  Do people just love the horse race?

Reuters headline: “Fed chair choice down to Powell, Taylor, one source tells Politico”

To be fair, I can’t find the Politico article.  But that headline totally misrepresents the reality of the story.  Sentence 1 of the actual story in Reuters:

President Donald Trump’s search for the next chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve has come down to Fed Governor Jerome Powell and Stanford University economist John Taylor, Politico on Thursday cited one source as saying, while another counseled caution.

50% of our sources say Yellen is out!  50% of our sources say we don’t know who’s out!

I’m so annoyed at Reuters that I’m not going to link to their article.  Don’t waste your time looking for it.

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